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Small boutique hotel/hacienda for a wedding buyout in 2013

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Hello everyone,


I am so happy to have found this website searching for venues around the Mexico.  We are interested in having our wedding in Mexico.  At this point, I am feeling so overwhelmed with the search for venues.   I am pretty sure there are a thousand places to get married in Mexico.  I write 10 emails a day requesting information and pricing, but only hear back from 4.  Frustrating!    I just want to find the right place and price.  Please help.


We are looking for:

- Intimate venue that we can buyout for the weekend, but affordable for our guests to pay per night

- Large enough space for a reception of 150-200 people

- Other hotels nearby for the overflow of guests to stay

- Reasonably priced food for the reception

- Enough privacy to keep a party going if we have the hotel to ourselves.


I know I am asking for a lot, but there has to be something out there.  Please help!


Thank you.

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Hi livelovelaugh. I'm also looking for a small boutique but for 50 guests and share your frustrations. Did you have any luck and if you don't mind sharing, where did you end up? Thanks!!

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Hi Bride13,


There are many beautiful places for a small boutique wedding.  Here are some of the options I found:


- Le Reve (beautiful hotel!) 

- There are many haciendas throughout Mexico that would provide a wonderful backdrop for a wedding.  I loved this option, but many were too small for my large group.

- Acanto boutique hotel

- El Taj in Playa del Carmen

- Casa china blanca (gorgeous house setting in Puerto Vallarta)

- Vista del sol (large house on the island I'm getting married- Isla Mujeres)


There is a place called Rockhouse, in Jamaica.  Amazing!  And good group prices.


I am getting married on Isla Mujeres at a place called Zama Beach Club.  I decided on this because the island is so small that we are essentially able to 'take it over.'  However, there are restaurants and other things to do.  


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. 


Happy planning!

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