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Honeymoon suggestions?

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Hey ladies,


FI and I are getting married in St. Maarten next year and will have our guests with us for a whole week. We are excited to bring them along and enjoy their company. However, when the week ends we are going to stay behind by ourselves. We are wanting to go to another island (not too far away by plane) for at least 4 nights if not another whole week. We are having a hard time deciding where to go considering both of us are more US travelers.


Here are close by options--can anyone provide suggestions on where to go? Obviously, they are all gorgeous but as far as resorts, activities, night life etc we'd like to know your opinion!


-Antigua and Barbuda

-St. Barts (we will be taking a day trip here while in St. Maarten)

-Anguilla (we will be taking a day trip here while in St. Maarten)

-St. Kitts and Nevis

-US Virigin Islands

-Puerto Rico

-Domincan Republic

-Possibly as far as Aruba or Curacao as well


Has anyone been to any of these islands?


Thanks for any feedback!!

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