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Sanctuary Cap Cana Brides

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#71 Cnwilson

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    Posted 15 May 2013 - 08:48 AM

    @Bekahlee we initially considered Secrets Maroma Beach, but had concerns about travel to Mexico considering the spike in crime. Since then, I've heard that most of the major tourism areas (Cabo, Riviera Maya) have not been impacted. We are back to the drawing board as well. We would like to find another resort in Punta Cana since DR is a great location.


    @Miche35, thanks for the heads up on Paradisus, we were going to look into that resort, but I was a little hesitant. We will probably at least visit the properties during my trip next month.


    I also inquired about Puntacana Resort & Club, it's not all-inclusive but the resort looks really nice and the WC has been very helpful with providing information.


    Please keep me posted if you ladies find any other great options. 

    #72 bekahlee03

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      Posted 15 May 2013 - 09:09 AM

      Mexico is fine as long as you are at the resorts or the touristy areas, we went to Cancun last summer and had no issues. Maroma Beach is one of the best beaches too! We have been to Hard Rock in Punta Cana and like it but its has a completely different atmosphere from Santuary. We were just at Sanctuary in March and loved it! I hope they don't change to much of the resort.  There is an Excellence resort in Punta Cana that is suppose to be nice, but have heard its not as good as the one in Playa Mujeres. I have also heard that Eden Roc @ Cap Cana is suppose to be great but not sure if it will be closed as well. TripAdvisor is my go to for resort reviews, it always helps us when we are looking for a new place to go.

      #73 Redheadedone

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        Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:14 PM

        My wedding is in just over 2 weeks now and ironically I am now the one who is causing the poor communication with the resort.  Never buy a house just before your wedding!  I am way too busy!  My communication from Scarlet did pick up closer to the wedding and she has been very good about following up with me.  At this point I am just going to trust her and that everything will turn out beautiful and roll with it!  I am so sorry to hear that people are getting caught with the resort closing over the dates they had wanted to have their wedding. I literally had nightmares that the new management company was going to shut the place down for maintenance over my wedding when I went through a long period of not hearing from them!  It really is the most beautiful resort by far that we visited in Punta Cana and I'm very glad that we are getting married there.  I think I would have also been happy with the Paridisus Palma Real but they were a little more of a "wedding factory" and I really like the quaint, more personal touch that Sanctuary had.  My advice would be to stay away from Secrets Royal Beach and Now Punta Cana.  They were horrible!!  I hear Zoetry is nice, too.  I had a coworker whose son honeymooned there.


        I will let everyone know how it turns out!

        #74 jsappy

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          Posted 24 May 2013 - 09:00 AM

          Its so sad they are closing for 4 months next year! It really is the most beautiful place for a wedding! My husband and I were at Sanctuary from May 4-11 and got married on the 6th. I had a different experience because we eloped and it was just the two of us.We had been at Dreams Palm beach the week before with friends, and the resorts are night and day. Dreams Palm beach is so busy and is a wedding factory! Where Sanctuary is so quiet and calm, so beautiful and relaxing!

          We had a small hiccup the morning of the wedding as Scarlet forgot that we requested a gazebo. She assured us she would have it figured out by time we were done our couples massage (recommend!), and sure enough she did! She moved our ceremony from the beach to one of the island suites....and it honestly couldn't have worked out better! It was the most beautiful and ultra private venue (i was concerned about sunbathers in bikini's watching us get married on the beach). Scarlet and Cristina went out of their way to even provided a few things that we hadn't requested, and we were beyond pleased with them!

          We also has used the hotels photography service, which I was a bit nervous about, but our pictures turned out amazing, it was really really hard to narrow down our 50 pictures from the over 200 they had taken! I'm really pleased with them!

          Lastly, when booking I was a disappointed that we were unable to stay in one of the honeymoon suites, and we had gotten one of the Castle Swim outs instead, however after seeing our room, the size of our patio the moat as our pool (which we were the only ones that used), i think it worked out for the best! I don't doubt that the honeymoon suites are beautiful too, however its a tiny soaker pool on the patio. The views from the honeymoons suite are amazing tho!

          If anyone has any questions for me, please let me know. And I hope everyone's day turns out to be as beautiful as ours was!!

          #75 clairebear11

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            Posted 03 July 2013 - 08:13 AM

            Does anyone know if they have a firm re-opening date after renovations?  Is anyone planning their wedding with them for 2014?  How will your guests reserve their rooms if they are closed?  Also, I heard that with the new management the resort will no longer be all inclusive.  Is this true?  Thanks!!!

            #76 my07

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              Posted 12 August 2013 - 09:04 AM

              Hi everyone!


              I'm new here and looking to get married in DR in 2014. I just got back from Punta Cana after a week of looking at resorts. I went to Sanctuary and absolutely fell in love. It is so beautiful! But they are closing Oct. 31st for renovations. I spoke with the wedding and sales dept. there and they said that they don't know when they will reopen. It will be a new owner (Hyatt) and they are renovating the rooms and casino and adding more rooms to the resort. They are hoping for 4-6 months but you never know what happens with construction. They don't know what will happen to the wedding packages, room rates, etc. Prices could go up :( Really hoping that the renovations go by fast!!

              #77 onthebeach

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                Posted 26 October 2013 - 09:11 AM

                Hi Ladies - I am back from my destination wedding in mid-October at Sanctuary Cap Cana.  It was an absolute dream and we are very happy with how everything went.  A few details to pass on to the forum here:


                1.  They have hired a new Events Manager, Stephany, who is wonderful.  She has taken over for Scarlet, who is now focused on hotel reservations/operations.  She took over our file 2 weeks prior to our wedding and was a real pro.  She handled every detail with ease and with a smile.  Now that they have a dedicated person dealing with events/weddings, I found that communication was even quicker than it had been previously.


                2.  The latest on the hotel renovations/closure.  The update that Scarlet gave me was that they are expecting SCC to close on April 31, 2014 for a few months. However, please note that she clearly indicated this was still up in the air.  As is the case with all construction in the DR, issues related to financing and obtaining the required elements for construction always fluctuates.  The plans for closure at this point are still tentative.  There was no mention of eliminating the all-inclusive element of the hotel.


                3.  The hotel only accommodates one wedding per day.  This is not a wedding factory!  The hotel and staff make you feel special and unique and very much cater to you and your guests during your wedding day (and for your entire trip)


                We had a lovely wedding day and reception and everything went smoothly - including the weather!  We used hotel vendors for everything from photographer to DJ and were very happy with the results.  Happy to provide more detail to any bride who is considering SCC for a destination wedding - please feel free to contact me with questions :)


                Overall, I would highly recommend SCC to any bride who is looking to have an intimate wedding ceremony and reception at a unique hotel that displays both classy and rustic tropical elements in such wonderful combination.  Good luck everybody!!  :)

                #78 HubbyToBe

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                  Posted 18 November 2013 - 05:16 PM

                  Hello OnTheBeach,


                  Congratulations on your wedding! I just read your post regarding your SCC experience. I'm glad you had a great time!


                  Thank you for writing a very helpful post!


                  My fiancee and I are hoping to get married there in October 2014.


                  She and I have been receiving conflicting information whether SCC has all-inclusive packages or not.


                  Can you confirm it does? If so, would you mind sharing how much it cost you and your guests for a 7 night stay? 


                  Thank you for your help!




                  #79 piggyhubby

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                    Posted 03 December 2013 - 10:19 AM

                    Long time lurker.  Based on everyone's contribution to this thread and the wedding package guide from Stephany, we've decided to have our wedding at Sanctuary Cap Cana.  This is where we are really stuck and not sure how to move forward with the process, since Stephany isn't available over the phone or she doesn't seem to reply to emails(i have waited over 9 days since first contact to inquire about available dates). Could someone please provide some guidance how to get things started?  Realizing we have to start getting our guest list finalized and start asking them to prepare for such expense, we feel like our timing is dwindling down. 

                    Also, the packaged was named "AISOL" Cap Cana. Are they just rebranding or is that an entirely new thing that the Santuary CC are offering?



                    #80 amansy

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                      Posted 21 December 2013 - 09:09 PM

                      We are looking to get married here in Dec of 2014. That makes me so nervous that they are shutting down in April and how they are not sure exactly when or for how long. How will brides communicate with them or how will guests make their reservations? If anyone receives answers on this, I would really appreciate any insight and help. 


                      @piggyhubby Stephany has also been MIA for us and has not answered my questions in 2 weeks. I emailed Scarlet today to see if she would be better at responding. Here is her email if you would like to reach out to her sgarcia@sanctuarycapcana.com


                      Thank you!

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