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Hello everyone!  I feel like I already know you all from reading the forum.  We just decided on Dreams Palm for our Jan 2013 wedding-actually last night :-)  SUPER excited.  Thank you all for the information thus far that has helped us feel great with this decision.  I do have a question perhaps someone can help me with....


  • How is everyone working out a group rate/payment (if you don't mind me asking)?  We are looking at 20-30 people and it seems as though the only way to get our room free/upgrades is to book and pay for the whole thing at once.  I'm not sure how I feel about my guest paying us back personally for their rooms but I also hate to miss our on our free rooms.  Any input/suggestions would be extremely appreciated. 

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I think the deal we got is different. Our travel agent got us a deal where everyone puts down their own deposit (we could do it ourselves but I don't trust people to pay us back) and then once we have 30 people our prices drop. We were told that for group rates it's like a collective fee, not "this person pay this and that person pays that." So when you get the free rooms you can put it towards whomever's bill you want. But we don't have to pay for the rest of the balance until January. Is this a deal you got directly from Dreams? It doesn't make sense to be that you would have to pay for everything up front to get free rooms.


You chose a gorgeous resort though! I'm so excited to go. :)

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