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Hello Ladies,


I am getting married at the Palace on Jaunary 25, 2013 and I am having my reception at Coco's Beach! Has anyone has their recpetion there, and if so, can you tell me about it and if you have any pictures?



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Hi there! 


This may be where ours was, initially our was to be at Coral Beach and then we were moved to the beach in front of the Coco Bar, my guess is that it's name may be Coco Beach?! The backup is the palapa where the ping pong tables/activities area is, instead of the Banquet hall like the backup to Coral Beach was. We loved everything about our reception area, the sand was amazing to dance on and the trees wrapped in lights makes everything magical! When we were on the beaches there were people stubbing their toes on rocks and stuff like that but the day of the wedding the sand was raked and combed over and was nothing but smooth! If your guests are staying mostly at the palace or between the palace and colonial/tropical this is a fantastic beach because it is just a short walk to anyone's room - I wasn't a fan of Playa Azul as it is way too far down the beach near the beach/caribe part of the resort! 


Happy Planning!

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