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luggage tags and water bottles complete :)

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Since today stared as a cold and rainy day here in SC I decided to put together the luggage tags as I had everything necessary do to them


Business card inserts and oval stickers from vistaprint (free of course with one of my many orders haha)

Clear badge holders from amazon for about $0.35 a piece

ribbon from target on clearance $0.50 a roll

silver glittery card stock from staples for $3.49








We also just received our water bottles from www.discountmugs.com We decided to go with water bottles instead of the insulated travel mugs as we thought our guests will be able to use these while in port and to also bring drinks back to their cabins if they want. As our cruise is not all inclusive the alcoholic drinks you buy do not come in tiny cups so thats not an issue. The personalization can be seen a lot better in person but somehow they were hard to photograph maybe because they are translucent. Sorry about the picture quality they were all taken with my phone





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