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Looking for advice and opinions!

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Hello fellow brides! I'm new to the site and was looking for opinions and advice!


We are debating between a Dominican Republic or Jamaica wedding. We are looking at either end of August or October. First I was wondering if anyone knows of a really good website that outlines typical weather patterns for Jamaica? I know hurricane season usually starts in August and goes to November but I think I also read somewhere that Jamaica doesn't really get hit by the hurricanes.. *shrugs*


Second, does anyone have experience attending a wedding or having their own wedding in Jamaica? If yes what resorts, cities and how did you find the whole event? 


Third are you or did you plan your destination wedding with the help of a travel agent or consolidator or did you do it on your own? Someone I know planned their destination wedding with out the help of a travel agent because she said it was more expensive to deal with a third party? Does anyone find that statement is true?


Thanks in advance ladies! cheesy.gif

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