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St. Augustine wedding?

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Hi - I was considering getting married at a private vacation home in St. Augustine. What is your opinion on renting possible 1-2 homes next to each other for guests to stay then just having a ceremony near there? Possibly just a dessert reception and then go out dancing? There will be approximately 20-25 guests at the wedding.


I just read that having us go out to eat afterwards and having them pay is a big no-no, so I'm now considering just having a cocktail reception and then end the ceremony and let everyone do their own thing afterwards.


Would it be too strange having people staying in the same home? They would all be people who know each other, so it wouldn't be awkward, but still. Even if it's spacious and everyone has their own bathroom, would that seem "cheap"? I've done this before with friends, and it's a real cost savings to have everyone split the cost of a house versus staying in a hotel.


Ideas? Thoughts? Don't hold back!

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