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Josephine Katie

Wedding party expenses- what are brides & grooms paying for?

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I hear you because my sister is 16 years old and I know she won't be much help either but I can live with that. My mother is very heavily involved in the planning so it helps a lot and makes up for it. 

Ditto. My sister is my maid of honour and is 17 and in the middle of grad planning. She is trying to be supportive of wedding stuff, but just isn't there. I asked a friend to be a bridesmaid, but then my resort changed to adults only (and she has a 3 month old) so she is not actually coming. However, she said she still wants to be involved in pre wedding stuff and our ahr. 


I have been doing everything on my own, but my bridesmaid has thrown me a shower and is planning the stagette. It is tough when your maid of honour is underage. I know if I need help, I can talk to my FMIL. Plus my wedding is small; I am okay doing things on my own. Plus my FI is super supportive.


I guess it all depends on what your expectations are for a maid of honour. Anyone I would consider does not live closer than 2 hours away anyway; I would be doing it on my own regardless.


My mother helps out a lot and thats as much help as I have been getting. My fiance tries to act like he's interested but I know him... he will laugh when ever he thinks those problems are not that important. He is one of those guys who doesnt care about the minor details. He says that as long as we walk down the isle, he just doesnt care. And his mother can sometimes be very opinionated so I am hesitant to ask her for any help. She is very crafty, though. I might want to take advantage of her abilities because that is one thing that my mother and I lack! It's still a little early and I am in the mix of graduating from college in 2 weeks so I haven't had time for anything besides studying for my finals. After I am done, I will begin my full time wedding planning.

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