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Valentin Imperial Maya November 2012 Brides!!

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Hey Everyone, 


I am new to this message board and have read a bunch of brides reviews and tips on the Valentin and I am about 90% sure that I am going to book the VIM! We will be there for 2 weeks starting Nov 3rd.  I think we are going to try and get married on Nov 7th, give or take a day, because we really don't have a preference.  


I think we want to do the "Star Love" Package, it includes so much more than the lesser package.  Has anyone recently done this package? And has anyone done it with modifications?  We are not big into dancing so much and the speeches make me nervous (guess I am kind of shy that way) and I was thinking of seeing if they would let me trade the reception for a longer cocktail party.  I feel like we such a small group (20-25) that a cocktail party may be more fun, keep people on their feet more.


Does anyone know if they will let me make that change and NOT charge me extra.


Also, if anyone is going the same time we are and wants to get together on decorations and swap/split the cost on thing, I would be all for that!!  


Thank you so much to all the brides who have posted pictures and tips, it's all so helpful!!


I look forward to hearing from other brides!  Thanks!!

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If you have not done so, you may want to:
  • complete your profile (upload a photo, add profile details, etc.)
  • visit the Newbies forum and introduce yourself
  • find the forum for your wedding destination and create a subscription to threads/members/vendors that you are interested in



Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

Here are some BDW members and staff you should follow:
  Moderators and Community Leaders



Here is a link to search results that reference the Valentin Imperial:



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