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After all costs were broken down including shipping, how much did you spend per invite ? Didyou include a self addressed rsvp ? Thank you!!

Thank you :)) And yes you can!!!! I didn't think I could either, but it's not as hard as you would think! It just takes time. It took us about 6 hours total. We did 4 hours one day and 2 the next day. But that's because the boxes come in white and you have to turn the inside out and hot glue them. Also hot glue on the ribbon to the boxes, cut all the tags, print out labels and filling the bottles. I delegated certain things to my fiancé so that I could get my own part of the project done. So he actually was in charge of the boxes. I filled the bottles and made the tags for both the bottle and the box. Now for the supplies: I already had the clear mailing label, but you can get those at Staples or Walmart We also already had the tags that go on the outside of the box and outside of the bottle. But I did see these at Hobby Lobby The bottles and boxes I got from Sandartsupplies.com Bottles were .89 each boxes were .44 each Sand from Walmart, I got one bag and it was 3.00 60 Gold fasteners for the foam handles from Walmart for 2.88 Umbrellas from Party City for $1.98 Shell stickers that are on the tags from Hobby Lobby, 3 sheets total $11.97 Tiny shells from eBay for $2.27 All ribbon from Hobby Lobby ...they were having 50% off sale!! Rafia from Hobby Lobby $2.99 I think that's it!! My friend is a graphic designer so I designed my invites and RSVPs and she printed them for free for me!!!! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!!! :))

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Your invites turned out amazing!! I am going to be making Message in a Bottle Save the Dates :) I have been searching online for the best priced bottles and boxes, but haven't had the best luck. I am going to check out the website you listed! I am excited to get started on them! Thanks again for all of your info!

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