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  1. sooo in love with all the green! very well done!
  2. omg i love the frame! its beautiful! and good job on the props. very cute
  3. Islander88

    Cake Baker in Montego Bay or Rose Hall?

    hi Kris, if your guests like alcohol they will enjoy the rum cake. for those who dont drink they may find the taste too strong as the fruits used in the cake tend to be soaked in alcohol for a long period of time. not sure if you can tell the baker to go easy on the liquor so the flavour will be more mild
  4. Islander88

    Aisle decorations

    im thinking of using orchid petals for my sister's aisle... not sure about cost though... i hope not too much
  5. wow those are so pretty! it wld be fun to make my own but ive been looking at some on etsy that are really pretty
  6. cant wait to see this. Trying to talk my sister into this so i cant wait to see the awesome options that people used
  7. your wedding looks so amazing! i love all the colors! its so bright and fresh!