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  1. I got both fire dancers and drummers (2 drummers and 2 dancers) and I thought the drummers really added to the feel of it! They all kind of came out of the darkness and surprised everyone. I do not know what kind of music they play if you don't get them, but I definitely thought it was worth the extra $. It's been over 2 months and everyone is still talking about them!
  2. Winniehyw, Congrats!! How exciting!!! I can help with some questions.. 1. I didn't bring a ton of stuff down with me because i was trying to keep it simple, but i brought flower petal cones and petals (which Annie and her team put together for me and stuffed) and fans that they layed on the ceremony chairs. They didn't charge extra for doing that. They are there to help you and have a team of people, so whatever you have, they will take and set up. 2. I brought my own sky lanterns and it was worth it!! I believe they charge $9 a person for those, so if you are going
  3. Thanks! I wanted to find unique postcards while I was down there but didn't get a chance to go shopping in town before the wedding (and not sure if they even had any). So I ended up going to the hotel's gift shop and I just bought all the different ones of Puerto Vallarta and the hotel we were at. I'm still debating on what kind of book I'm putting them in... some type of album that shows both sides of the card.
  4. They are Bill Levkoff dresses and yes they are available in many colors. We did the smores bar and they provided it there with a nice setup by the fire. It was $1.50 per person. I'm sure you could ask and see if you can bring your own!
  5. I mean it's obviously hot and you know you will sweat. I definitely sweat in mine but I didnt even notice it half the time. My dress was light and not heavy to wear so i think that helped. They also have wet cloths at the bar that i used a few times throughout the night since dancing is where you get real sweaty. As for the bridesmaids, I would definitely go with a short dress, unless you're doing a long flowy dress. When i was originally looking for dresses, the bridal shop said not to go with satin. We went with chiffon and i think that's more of a breathable material. The girls said t
  6. My review and pics are posted! I will add more detailed pictures to this forum once I get more from everyone.
  7. Just got back last night! Had a PERFECT wedding day/night and will write my review this week and hopefully i'll have some pics from my guests too!! I have still been crying thinking about the day!
  8. Ahh we leave tomorrow for Puerto Vallarta and all the forecasts predict 60% chance of storms for the whole week!!! eeek!!! pray for no rain on June 26th at LC!
  9. Anyone have reviews on LC they haven't posted yet? My wedding is coming up in a month and I want some new feedback! I'm getting excited!
  10. Here is a template I just made for our 'Wedding Week Survival Kits". It's simple but it works! Wedding Week Survival Kit.docx
  11. Did each guest have their own sky lantern or did each couple share one? I have enough for each COUPLE, not for each person.. not sure if i should buy more or not.. thoughts??
  12. what should be included in the AHR slideshow?? Should i just do pictures from the DW and maybe some video clips? I just feel bad showing us all having fun when either the guests couldn't make it or weren't invited. should i include pics of us together prior to the DW?
  13. We are having a full blown AHR one month after the DW. My budget is around $10k, but REALLY wanted it to be less, and our parents are helping out too. We are having a cocktail hour with a mariachi band, buffet dinner, cake, favors, DJ, and beer, wine and soda free all night. We are inviting 250 and hoping for 175 or less! i feel like it's our 2nd wedding and i'm not super excited about it, but whatever! we have a lot of family that can't make it to mexico, so i guess this our chance to all get together and have a great time! (i hope!)
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