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Florida Beach Ceremony Permitting Requirements?

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Hi Florida Brides!


We're planning a DW in the FL panhandle in August.  We've reserved a private home a few blocks from the beach for the reception and plan to hold the ceremony on the beach. 


I've heard that we have to get the permission of the homeowner whose house is adjacent to the ceremony location.  But, I don't know if renting a property within the same neighborhood is sufficient.  I've also heard that all FL beaches are public and that we don't need to get permission.


Do any of you have any info on this?



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Hi, we are photographers in the panhandle and shoot a lot of weddings on the beach so hopefully my advice will help. In our area which is Walton and Okaloosa Co. there are a different set of rules. 


Okaloosa County:


Any event on a beach that will attract more than 49 people (including vendors) requires a permit from the County. Cost is $250 with $100 being refundable 2-4 weeks after the ceremony. 


Walton County:


Permits are required regardless of size. Fees are around $100


Just google walton or Okaloosa county beach wedding permits and I believe you should be able to find the appropriate office to contact. 


Best of luck,

Mark and Gwyne




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