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Newly engaged - nothing planned yet!

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Hi everyone! I just got engaged this past weekend and have already found this site so helpful! I've always dreamed of a destination wedding somewhere tropical, but we have no idea where that will be yet - either Mexico or the Caribbean. We also don't have a firm budget yet or have any idea of what it'll take to make our dream a reality. My fiance's family is big (although he's not close to all of them), so the biggest number of people we'd invite would be around 150. But we could chop  that down too, and probably will have to once we find out what things will cost!


There are a couple Grand Cayman venues that I really love, but I hear that Mexico is a lot cheaper than the islands in general. I've been to the Riviera Maya area before and loved it, so I could see that as a locale too. Hopefully we will have a better idea of budget and guest count this weekend after talking with our parents, and then we can start narrowing things down. We are also planning a venue scouting trip probably in June once we decide on a location.


Anyway, that's my intro! Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to BDW and congratulations on your engagement!  Here is some location-specific information:



Cabo Wedding Forum | Cabo Wedding Resort Reviews


Cancun/Riviera Maya Wedding Forum | Cancun/Riviera Maya Wedding Resort Reviews


Puerto Vallarta Wedding Forum | Puerto Vallarta Wedding Resort Reviews


Caribbean Wedding Forum



And here is some general information.  Happy planning!

If you have not done so, you may want to:
  • complete your profile (upload a photo, add profile details, etc.)
  • find the forum for your wedding destination and create a subscription to threads/members/vendors that you are interested in



Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

Here are some BDW members and staff you should follow:
  Moderators and Community Leaders

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Congratulations and welcome to the forums! Hope you choose to come to the Mayan Riviera... there are so many beautiful spots here.

This is a link to the resorts I have shot recently (50+ resorts) https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=18683524486

Let me know if you have any questions

Remember to keep smilin... cheesy.gif



Dreams Cancun

Dreams Cancun 1.jpg




Barcelo Maya Palace

Barcelo 1.jpg

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