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    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    Here are most of the things we decided on! It was a great trip! Let me know if you guys have any other questions
  2. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    Hi! Ok I think I can help - I actually just got back from the island and did lots of investigating! I am getting married on Seven Mile Beach - probably Governor's Beach - with my toes in the sand And then shuttling people over to Grand Old House for the reception. Desiree at GOH is great, but there is no beach there as you probably know. Governor's Beach is directly next to the Westin beach and it's GORGEOUS. It's very wide and the sand is perfect. My planner, Juliette Heath, recommended it and we are 99% sure that's where it will be. It's also a public beach and is FREE to use. The Westin beach is beautiful, but they will probably charge you site fees. We are also getting a room block at the Westin and Sunshine Suites (which is right across the street from the Westin, but cheaper). We didn't eat at any of the restaurants in walking distance from there, but there are a bunch. We ate at Tukka, which is prob a 30-minute drive, and it is AMAZING. I think we are doing our rehearsal dinner at Ristorante Pappagallo which is also beautiful, and about 10 minutes from 7 mile beach. We are also using Aaron for photos and Picture This for vidoegraphy! So many similarities! He said that most people do 4-6 hours of photography (I think we are doing 6). And for a Trash the Dress, he just charges you for 1 extra hour of photography (even though the shoots usually go longer than an hour), so it's a pretty good deal. Bottom line, if you do the wedding and reception all in one spot, you may be fine using the on-site planner. But if you have them in separate places I would recommend hiring a local planner. We are so happy with Juliette and her price is very reasonable compared to some of the other planners on the island. It was great meeting her in person and her local knowledge just makes me feel better about everything. Let me know if you have any more questions! Sounds like our plans might be very similar
  3. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    She was on vacation for a few weeks - try her at heathjuliette@yahoo.com - her Save the Date account isn't valid anymore.
  4. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    The fiance and I leave tomorrow morning for a week in Grand Cayman! I'm so excited! We will be visiting and picking a venue, doing a cake testing, and visiting some of the hotels to decide where we want to stay for the wedding week. I'll report back! We are planning on sending Save the Dates as soon as we get home (so early Oct. at the latest). I don't want invititations to get lost in all the Christmas mail either, so I was thinking of sending them in November and asking for RSVPs by early March. Is that too early to send invites? Or do you think it would be better to send invites in January? I feel like for a destination wedding it's ok to send them earlier, right? I want RSVPs in as soon as possible!!
  5. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    I love the sign! How big is it?
  6. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    I am totally up for reusing decorations or anything like that as well! My date is May 11 (not sure of location yet, probably in the 7 mile beach area) and we are going down in a few weeks to check things out. If Juliette doesn't have signs or chalkboards, I plan on ordering some and having them shipped down. I'd be happy to have them reused because I'm sure it will be too tricky to fly home with them! I definitely want a "shoe valet" sign, and maybe "This way to happily ever after" or something similar. Also I think I want to use chalkboards for the ceremony program, menu, and seating chart to use less paper.
  7. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    Hi agm04! You will not be sorry with Juliette from Save the Date. We are still in the beginning phases of planning, but she has already made me feel so stress free, and I stress a lot! We are going to the island in September and she has already booked us appointments with our top 3 venues, our photographer (Aaron Rebarchek), and we are doing a cake tasting - and she's spending a whole day with us! We agreed that Celebrations was WAYYYYY too expensive for our budget, and Juliette's costs are extremely reasonable. Also, I know you are asking about flowers - Juliette said she is going to deal with the florist entirely, so I'm not even worrying about that! Anyway, just wanted to convey how happy we are that we went with her!
  8. ktlb826

    Updated Grand Cayman Weddings Thread

    Hi ladies! I'm new to this forum. I'm getting married on Grand Cayman in April or May 2013. My fiance and I are vacationing there this September and will pick a venue and finalize a date then. We are going to check out Grand Old House, Ristorante Pappagallo, and Tiki Beach so far. Juliette Heath from Save the Date is our planner and we are thinking of going with Aaron Rebarchek for photographer. Nothing has been set in stone yet, we are still just getting ideas together. Our guest list is 180ish (he has a huge family!) but we think it will be 100 max that actually come. It's so great to be a part of this great resource!
  9. ktlb826

    The Nonconformist's Bouquet

    I absolutely love the feather bouquets! I have never been a big flower person so I wanted to get ideas for alternate bouquets. I like the brooches too but there is something so effortless about the feathers!
  10. ktlb826

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    I'm so glad I found this thread! There are so many great things on Etsy - I love seeing what other people have found!
  11. Hi everyone! I just got engaged this past weekend and have already found this site so helpful! I've always dreamed of a destination wedding somewhere tropical, but we have no idea where that will be yet - either Mexico or the Caribbean. We also don't have a firm budget yet or have any idea of what it'll take to make our dream a reality. My fiance's family is big (although he's not close to all of them), so the biggest number of people we'd invite would be around 150. But we could chop that down too, and probably will have to once we find out what things will cost! There are a couple Grand Cayman venues that I really love, but I hear that Mexico is a lot cheaper than the islands in general. I've been to the Riviera Maya area before and loved it, so I could see that as a locale too. Hopefully we will have a better idea of budget and guest count this weekend after talking with our parents, and then we can start narrowing things down. We are also planning a venue scouting trip probably in June once we decide on a location. Anyway, that's my intro! Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated!