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Silver Stilettos

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Hi! I do still have these...but I just posted them on Ebay this afternoon...I think I can cancel them there if you are really interested since no one has bid yet. I totally forgot I had posted them here a while back.


I will have to check about the heel being metal (I'm not home at the moment) but I would not say they are wobbly (as long as you are comfortable walking in heels, I remember it being pretty sturdy for such a skinny heel. For me, the shoes were very uncomfortable at the front straps...dug into the sided of my toes, but I also have wide feet.


Let me know if you are still interested.

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I love these shoes!!.. I have 2 pair bc I bent the heel of the 1st pair at Prom.. I also have the same problem with the straps on my toes, but I too have wide feet.

but these are sooo cute the pain is worth it.. lol

I think I got mine from Shoe Dept.

Originally Posted by rach220 View Post

Oh and I bought them online somewhere (can't remember where...maybe Ebay?)


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