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THE ROYAL Playa Del Carmen Reception Choices??

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After much debate and stress, we decided to do our wedding at the ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen.  Our wedding is June 09, 2012 and it is at 11 am.  So they told me that the cocktail hour and reception all must run back to back with the wedding. So the reception will be at around 1:30 or 2  pm I guess.  Which means that it will only be a lunch reception no dance floor or dj, or anything really.  Thats fine we are doing a big AHR but I am lost on where to pick.

So now they want me to decide where to book the reception.  I have no idea where to book it. The choices are


El Mediterraneo


Maria  Marie

Tapas & Pinxtos



I have no idea what to pick. Some reviews say they had to pick what everyone ate, others said the guests were given options to choose from, how do I know which restaurant offers what type of reception options for the menu? Please any advice here is truly appreciated. I feel so confused and like everyone expects me to know these things off the top of my head.  When I asked for options they sent me a list of restaurants with one picture of each restaurant.  No other details. Thanks in advance!

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Congratulations and welcome to the forums! The Royal Playa del Carmen is a fantastic resort... I usually shoot 5 or 6 weddings a year at The Royal and love it!

I have always had the reception take place either at the beach just outside Pelicanos, the main court yard outside the main reception or in the area in front of the gazebo. All the locations are fantastic and you will love it!

You may have to get the menu from you wedding coordinator since they often cater the wedding with outside the normal restaurant menus.

Best of luck with all your plans


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Congrats! We decided on The Royal PDC as well!  Our wedding will be about a month after yours, in July 2012.  Have you tried looking at the thread titled: ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions


It is almost 900 pages long, but EXTREMELY helpful!  From what I remember reading (I've only gone through 780-890s), Asiana was a really popular restaurant.  Hope that helps!  Happy planning!!! :) 


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