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  1. THis is the one we used I uploaded it to vistaprint and printed it as a poster (free promotion) and then everyone signed it we are putting a group picture that looks antiqued in the center.
  2. Here is my vintage brooch bouquet I added some shells since I wanted to pull in a vintage beach theme.
  3. Here was our cake topper. I made it myself out of vintage jewelry and a monogram H from Michaels $1 section!!
  4. All finished with my review it is super long, sorry. I added some photo tips at the end that I think are very helpful to know. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-playa-del-carmen-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/6226 If you have any questions let me know!! Good luck!!
  5. Hi Ladies, I have not posted much but I have read just about everything on this website. I am working on my review and will post it tonight or tomorrow. We loved the resort and I have lots of tips and pointers to give you as well as pics. More to come Mrs. Hedges
  6. Has anyone used the photographer at The Royal PDC? Just using the basic package for an example, The package prices say "25 pictures for a one hour session" thats all they take in an hour? I am trying to compare their prices with other photographers costs plus the outside vendor fee. Any suggestions? Has anyone used Octavio Montes or Aki Demi? Thanks
  7. Where did you hold your reception since the restaurants have a limit it appears on number of guests?
  8. I did a vintage jewelry monogram but you could do a seashell covered one
  9. After much debate and stress, we decided to do our wedding at the ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen. Our wedding is June 09, 2012 and it is at 11 am. So they told me that the cocktail hour and reception all must run back to back with the wedding. So the reception will be at around 1:30 or 2 pm I guess. Which means that it will only be a lunch reception no dance floor or dj, or anything really. Thats fine we are doing a big AHR but I am lost on where to pick. So now they want me to decide where to book the reception. I have no idea where to book it. The choices are Asiana El Mediterraneo Spice Maria Marie Tapas & Pinxtos Pelicanos I have no idea what to pick. Some reviews say they had to pick what everyone ate, others said the guests were given options to choose from, how do I know which restaurant offers what type of reception options for the menu? Please any advice here is truly appreciated. I feel so confused and like everyone expects me to know these things off the top of my head. When I asked for options they sent me a list of restaurants with one picture of each restaurant. No other details. Thanks in advance!
  10. Amazing Resort

    Pros: Great Views, Beautiful Rooms, Awesome staff
    Cons: Poor Wedding Coordinator
    This will be very long and detailed, because the reviews I read helped me so much. I started planning the wedding back in April of 2011. We were undecided which resort to choose and this forum helped a lot. After we battled the guests, travel agent and each other, we chose The Royal in Playa del Carmen. We originally chose it because it had a family resort next to it, and some of the wedding party was going to need to bring their kids. That changed later, we still loved the Royal PDC.   I
  11. This is a review of:

    Octavio Montes Photography

    Great to work with went above and beyond

    Pros: Stayed longer than time, made sure to get as many different backgrounds as possible
    Cons: photos were not ready before we left
    After researching and comparing photographers and packages we chose to go with Octavio Montes.  He was extremely easy to work with and did a great job. He made sure to get a lot of photos for us to choose from in different areas for different backdrops. He even got there early and left a little late. We did a 2 hour package with 70 prints plus all pics on a disc, the total  was $650. We had to pay a vendor fee ($350 at The Royal) but I feel like it was totally worth it.  We’d recommend him highl
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