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Sandals - Jamaica weddings

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For those having a Sandals wedding in Jamaica, any ideas you'd like to share on some of the things your're adding to Bridal Beginning wedding... ie: lighting, sand ceremony, flowers, aisle runner, dance floor, etc. etc.  There's just so much to choose from Im wondering whats really important to have?  And with everything being "$300 and no problem mon", what is really worth it?  

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I am having the ONE steel drummer for 1hr $250 (1/2 hr at ceremony and 1/2hr at reception.

My MIL is splurging for us and getting us a 2hr sit down reception dinner for our 40 friends/family, DJ & bar extension for 3rd hr.

Makeup $55

24 cupcakes $70 in addition to BB 2 tier cake

My daughter will us the bridal bouquet and I am having an artificial flower bouquet made here at home and taking to Jamaica with us to use.

Since we have so many peeps booked we are getting the "free" rehearsal sit down dinner, bridal mani-pedi & groom massage.

I'm getting "screwed" of the upgrade in room because the resort is sold-out!  poo-poo!

They wanted to charge for a microphone for the 1st part of reception to make announcements since DJ wont be set up yet....I said...NO.

Other than then charging for every little thing things are going well and I am still super excited.  If you PM me I can forward you my recent quote.

They do reduce the price for kids 13 & younger for the dinners!!  They make menu exceptions for kids and vegetarians too.

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