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Clearwater vs St. Petersburg Beach

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Hello, I'm very new here and we don't have a set date on our wedding yet although we are looking at October 2012.  Since we haven't been to either destination, I am looking at a location close to Disney without being so tempted to go there.  msnwink.gif

We are just having a small beach wedding including our children (7, 15 (his), & 25 (mine)). The mother of his kids and her then husband will be attending so we won't have to take care of them, but she is also a big part of our family.  We chose to stay in the states so we don't have to have everyone get passports since FI and I are the only ones that have one.


I've been looking at several websites (it's what I do), and haven't been completely sold on either.  Any help would be much appreciated.


I am happy to have found BW.  There is a lot of good information on this site.  Thank you in advance and congratulations to all.


Future Mrs. Wagner woot.gif

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