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Anyone want to bulk buy OOT bags for Moon Palace with me?

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So I'm looking at different options for OOT bags and I came across discountmugs.com  They have super cute totally designable bags at really reasonable prices, the only thing is there is a standard $50 fee per design plus the bags get cheaper the more you buy.  Anyone interested in buying some together?  I was thinking a cute beach design with "moon palace June 2012", "moon June 2012", ect.  I'm willing to take the "June" out if need be.  


They have a lot of tote bags to choose from, here are a few I like, but I really liked a lot of them...


http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/tote-bags/1196/jute-tote-bag.htm  (I like the design on it as well, maybe just change it to say "Moon Palace 2012"



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