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Hi and Hello! I've got an upcoming wedding at Dreams on October 8th (sorry, this is my first post, so pardon me if I seem a little awkard!) Fatima has been rather pleasant to work with thus far, better that some of the other 4...5 coordinators that I've worked with in the last 9 months. hahah. I've kind of come to terms with their extremely high turnover rate. :) Anyway, the reason for this post, is I was wondering if anyone by chance has a 2010 price list. I threw my list out (like a dummy!) because I didn't even think about the fact that prices would increase in 2011. I have the email from Esman assuring me that I would be charged the 2010 prices, but I don't know exactly what they are. If anyone has the pdf, hardcopy, etc. of the 2010 prices, could you PLEASE send them my way. It would be a lifesaver. I looked through the thread for a while, but I didn't see a list of them ( there is a good chance I overlooked them, so I apologize if they are there somewhere) Thank you so very much! woot.gif


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