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beaches photographers

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We are getting married at a Beaches Resort and have opted to not use "their" photographer... Looking through their catalog their wedding pictures look so "staged" nothing is natural and although they do know the resort very well we are not using them. After are wedding is over and everything calms down all we will have left is our pictures and we want them to be special and memorable so we think we are going to end up going with




She is our favorite so far... Although the expense is way more than what we originally planned we think that this is going to be a well worth it splurge..


Bringing in an outside photographer yo have to pay for your photography her packages start at $1000.00 for destination weddings and then her and her assistants plane fare and a three night stay at our resort.. Well I hope this helps you out...


Look at the Beaches website for information on their photographers and you'll see what I am talking about.

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just curious if anyone has used the photographers from beaches?


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The main issue with Beaches/Sandals photography is that they dont edit the photos.  All other professional wedding photographers would edit the photos and that is why they look so much better.  Many other photographers probably have more talent, but you are paying for RAW photos while with another professoinal,  you are paying for the retouching and editing.  Just something I wanted to ad!

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