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Newbie Moon Palace 2012 bride!

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Hi everyone! I am new here and have just sent in a request to have my wedding at Moon Palace on May 27, 2012. I was having such a hard time choosing between Vallarta Palace and Moon Palace, because of the cost. Moon Palace seems to be on the high end of the rate prices, but I'm crossing my fingers that my guests aren't upset with how much the room rates are going to be ($185/pp per night not including airport transfers because we are providing that). I think the resort is such a wonderful place though and I know my guests will love it in the end, I'm just worried about the initial thoughts they will have on it. Has any Moon Palace brides out there experienced hesitation from your guests?


I look forward to chatting with all the other brides here as I start to plan! You all seem so kind and helpful! And I'll probably have lots and lots of questions... ;)

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