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ROR Reception Question about the Plantation

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Hey Ladies,


I have the Plantation Restaurant Booked for our wedding reception but I am having a really hard time finding pics. The ones I have found are really confusing to me. 


Can anyone who has been there or is going there in the near future please tell me what the layout is actually like?

Is it just a balcony? Is it upstairs or downstairs? Is there an option?


I really wanted to have the Ocean backdrop but I can't even tell if that is what you face from where the Plantation is.


Here is what I found... my apologies for the photo hijack w/o permission or credit. 


So I think this is the Plantation with tables one behind the other.



Then there is this one what has the tables the opposite way....



Then I also found this pic that says it is at the Plantation, This doesn't look anything like the above!

plantation set up.jpg


Anyone have any insight? Do you have the choice of upstairs or down? 

Or is one of these incorrect?


PS - beautiful weddings to whoever's pics I stole... sorry I have been searching for so long or I would have given you props!


Thanks Ladies!




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