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Atlantis wedding 6/18/11 - BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!

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    Posted 08 July 2011 - 05:32 AM

    Since a few people have asked about cabana and Aura prices I figured its easiest to post it here rather than send a bunch of PMs.  I have the cabana info now, but not Aura yet - we got back Monday and have been at work all week so I guess this weekend we'll go over all our bills - yikes.


    First, if you haven't seen the cabanas, definitely go to the Atlantis website to check them out - they are more like bungalows - couches, flat screen TV, mini fridge, private bathroom, etc.  It's not your typical pool cabana with the drapes on four sides - they are actual structures.  They open up at 9 AM and you can stay as long as the pool is open - I think around 6 or so.  The cabana has a private attendant who will stock the place with towels, bring food/drinks, etc.  There is a wrap around couch inside, a bed lounge and 4 person table in front and about 4-6 lounge chairs in back (beach) and of course you can bring more over.  Also, there are people who come around a give mini massages (no charge-they work on tips).  The cabanas are at the Cove which is supposed to be private for Cove guests, but we told everyone to access it from the beach - all cabanas can be entered from that side, thus alleviating the issue of needing a room key to enter the Cove pool.  Most of our guests hung out on the beach or in the cabana and didn't really enter the pool area so it was not an issue.  Our second day we were told that the cabanas had a limit of 8 people and if management saw everyone it could be a problem.  However, we were pretty spread out and mostly on the beach side so we didn't draw any attention.  But just an FYI in case you plan on really partying.


    So, now that you know what its like, here is the price -  it's $750 for the day which strictly includes use of the cabana and attendant.  I believe they said 8 waters are included in the base price.  Everything else is extra and based on the regular menu prices along with 15% tip.  We all ordered lunch, drinks, etc so the bill can add up.  And its only 1 bill so if people want to pay separately, they need to give cash to the person paying the bill - we didn't even attempt to ask them to split the bill.  I think a few people went to the bar to order drinks because they felt bad about charging to the main bill.


    Anyway, it's pricey, but it really worked out great.  I'm sure if we didn't have it we would have all been spread out around the resort and not spent as much time together.  And our phone bill would have been ridiculous because we would have been calling people all day at $2/minute.  PS, Skype didn't work because the internet connection SUCKED!!!!!  We constantly lost signal so there was no way to communicate that way.  it was fine in Royal Tower, but anywhere else, you had to constantly connect over and over again.


    I'll post in a few days about Aura - I remember what they quoted us but think we only paid about half of that so I need the details from hubby how he got around it.


    We got our wedding pics from Tim yesterday so we'll have to go through those too.  Plus all the honeymoon pics - I have a feeling I'll be on the computer a lot this weekend.



    Steph & John........Atlantis.......June 18, 2011......happily married

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      Posted 10 July 2011 - 09:48 AM

      OK, here's the deal with Aura - when we originally contacted them we said maybe a dozen or so people would end up going.  We were told that we would need to purchase a minimum of 4 bottles (starting at $325/each plus the standard 15% service charge).  That's when I thought it was crazy.  People weren't going to stay that long, we'd already been drinking for 5 hours and some people would want beer or wine or something other than the bottles we purchased so it seemed like way too much.  We ended up negotiating 10 people and only had to purchase 2 bottles (of course the ones we liked were $375/each).  We probably went in with about 10 people then others filtered in later (after they went to their rooms and changed, etc) and it was no problem getting them in the club or to the table.  The price included admission, the bottled drinks and mixers, but other drinks like beer were extra.  We had a nice size table in the corner and the one next to us was empty so we kinda spread into that area too.  I think we ultimately closed out around 2:30 - everyone was pretty done by that point but definitely enjoyed the "after party." 

      Steph & John........Atlantis.......June 18, 2011......happily married

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        Posted 10 July 2011 - 12:30 PM

        Looks like a fantastic time & your cake looked fabulous!  Congrats!

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          Posted 19 March 2012 - 08:59 PM

          Thanks Again for another great review!!! I'd be rather lost without your information..


          I also just noticed you are from Atlanta!  That's where my FI lives.. In a little over a year, I will be living there as well! I'm soo excited!

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