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Heart to Heart Interlocking Salt and Pepper Shakers

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I bought these from another bride knowing I would need more. I have 12 salt shakers and 12 pepper shakers. They are SO cute. They stack on top of each other, or you can set them next to each other. I wish I could use them, I am just not willing to spend the money on another 2 sets. They are approximately $30-35 per set (which includes 12 pairs). I paid $20 for this set. I am just trying to recoop that money so I can buy enough sets for my AHR. Currently, they have salt and pepper in them. I can empty that to save on shipping, or ship with them full. Just let me know what you prefer.


Asking $20 plus shipping. (If you think that is unfair, please PM and lets work something out)


Thanks for looking! :)


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