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vlynnw's pre-wedding sale items!

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My wedding is getting close and I want to go ahead and get rid of some of the stuff I don't need anymore. Here's the items with pricing info.  The post wouldn't allow me to put in multiple prices at the end. These prices do not include shipping.  Please PM me if interested and let me know your zip code so I can get an estimate for you.   Some things may not be pictured.


OOT Bags: 19 total $3 each

First Aid Kits: 12 total $1 each....I also have one with the wedding survival kit sticker on it and can send you the template for that

mini river stones: 2 bags $2 each

2 boxes of 12 votive candles - $2 each

4 votive holders - $1 each

1 floating candle - $0.50

10 raffia fans - $1 each

4 white lanterns - $3 each

11 travel mugs - $4 each (they'll come without the sticker shown in the picture)

5 decks of cards - $1 each

12 wrist coils/ 4 already have key card holder - $5 for all

business cards for key/card holders - just pay shipping

approximately 480 vertical and horizontal card holders - $8 for all of them

3 packs of 3 hand sanitizer - $1 each

8 EmergenC - $0.40 each

8 Advil - $0.40 each

8 packs of Pepto tablets - $0.60 each

1 orange burlap bag - $1



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