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Lala's Ceiba del Mar Wedding Week

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    Posted 23 August 2011 - 04:50 PM

    Hi Tiffany,


    Re: the corking fee, I think we simply negotiated an extension of 4 hr blocks and then 2 hr blocks... I believe the extensions were slightly less per person than the original corking fee.  Also, for very late night, I think we negotiated a lower number of servers since there would be fewer people.


    Yes, the late night taco bar was affordable - I think we paid based on consumption which was good since not all of our guests ate.  We had almost 160 people.


    After the dance floor broke, some people moved to the area by the fountain but eventually everyone moved to lower area next to that - which is on the same level as the tables.  There was plenty of room to spare.


    Hope that helps!


    Originally Posted by tappleton 

    Thanks so much Lala, 

    this is awesome and so helpful! My wedding is there in April so I"m starting to plan all the details.  I can't believe your party went till 4am! So, we are also planning on paying the corking fee and bringing our own liquor. The corking fee was for 4 hours if I remember, so how did you work that? Did you pay two corking fees for 8 hours or just pay a little more per extra hour?  A late night taco bar is such a good idea. Was it affordable? How many people were at your wedding?  One last dance floor question, so after the rented dance floor broke, did you use that upper level area a step above the tables with the fountain for the dance floor or was there enough room to have it on the same terrace as the tables? Thanks again so much!




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      Posted 23 August 2011 - 04:50 PM

      No problem - good luck and congrats!!

      Originally Posted by AnaS 

      Thanks so much for posting these pictures. I love how it turned out! I hope I will be able to do the same for my wedding :) I will be getting married at the same church next year in June.


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        Posted 23 August 2011 - 05:02 PM


        We went to the store directly - you will have better luck finding English speaking staff that way.  If you dont happen to find anyone that knows English, I would try asking Diana or Paola for help negotiating.  We actually worked with Ceiba's head bartender first to determine how many bottles of the different types of liquors we would need before going to the store.  


        The bus rental cost depends on the size and the number of hours you want it for - we paid a little over $400 for a 45-seat bus for 4 hrs (x 2).  Assuming you want the same # of hrs, you'd be looking at around $800-850.  Of course, there are cheaper services but I really appreciated that the company we used was so professional.  Feel free to ask for a quote!  Here is our rep's contact info:


          Alejandra (Alex) Orozco
        Director of Sales

        Did you order the liquor online or did you go to the store directly? It seems their webpage is all in Spanish.

        How much was it for the bus rental for the wedding day? We are looking to charter a bus to/from a catamaran cruise for a our guests (70-80 people)




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          Posted 07 November 2011 - 08:36 AM

          @ lalanyc wow beautiful!!!! i love the string lights, did you bring the lights down with you? also in your oot bags you mentioned a guest picture book do you have pictures of what it looked like?


          Congratulations and great job!!!

          Originally Posted by lalanyc 

          I am so thankful for all the information I obtained from BDW that I am excited to finally provide my own review and recommendations. I hope it's helpful to future brides. Also, I understand there are separate review forums for vendors/hotels, so I will repeat certain reviews in those sections.



          CdM A+++++!!!!!!!




          Of all places we scouted in the Riviera Maya, we knew immediately that Ceiba was “the one.”  Words can’t describe how well the hotel treated us and our guests!!  They well exceeded our expectations at practically every turn.  In particular, Diana was A-MAZING!!!  She is an incredibly smart, organized and great person overall, and it was a pleasure to work with her throughout the year.  Once we arrived, we coordinated w/ Javier and Miguel who were also exceedingly nice and professional.  It was wonderful working with ALL the staff and it was b/c of them that our event was so special.


          To be clear, getting to this point was A LOT of work (unless, of course, you pay someone else to do it for you)!!  As others may have mentioned, you need to be prepared to invest time in contractual details in order to get the best pricing and options with management.  In addition, this is not your typical all-inclusive hotel.  Unlike many hotels which provide packages and/or pre-selected vendors, everything at CdM is a la carte.  The coordinators will provide a list of preferred vendors for flowers, d©cor, music, etc. but you have the option of looking for other vendors (which is not necessarily the best route, btw!).   Thank goodness for BDW!!!  Perhaps things may have played out differently had we hired a third-party coordinator, but despite the work, it was so worth it in the end.  We love CdM and plan to go back for many years!




          Room Rates: We negotiated directly with the hotel on room rates and locked in 2 rates (AI and European) for all room types since we were confident we would take at least 50 rooms.  We had to place a hefty deposit to secure the rates.  Of course, AI was by far the best deal, HOWEVER, some guests simply didn’t want to have to pay the extra $$ - either b/c they traveled alone or b/c they preferred to explore nearby restaurants.  Whatever the case, we wanted to give them that option which is partly why we chose Ceiba.  Many switched plans at the last minute.  Others who stayed for many days chose a combo of AI and European which was especially nice if they planned full day excursions.   If you would like more specifics, PM me.


          Off Site Options:  Another big reason we chose Ceiba was the proximity of private homes and condos.  We had many families w/ kids that simply couldn’t afford to stay at Ceiba.  In particular, we had families stay at Villa Karina, Casa South Breeze and Costa Blanca Condos. These accommodations were perfect!!!  Clean, nice, close to Ceiba and (relatively) cheap!  See the attached form for information on all the houses/condos we investigated, including a map :)
















          Bonfire on the beach in front of the pool bar – AWESOME. Even though we threw this together at the last minute, Ceiba executed perfectly.  Weather was chilly w/ the ocean breeze but people had their shawls/sweaters so it was tolerable. 


          Music:  We contracted a band on short notice and it was a great addition (unfortunately I don’t have their name but they were so fun).  I would highly recommend having music though you will definitely need speakers since the waves will drown out acoustic sound.


          Food/Drink:  We paid $400 for a bonfire w/ marshmallows, asked the staff to put out beer and wine (no waiter service – self serve only).  The set up worked well since this was meant to be an informal event.  People loved toasting marshmallows!


          D©cor:  The staff arranged tiki torches and beach lounge chairs around the bonfire area and that is all that was necessary.  Any additional d©cor would have been hard to notice since it was so dark.


          OOT Bags: tote bag.jpg





          We hosted welcome drinks around the smaller pool.  I originally wanted to host the event on the pier but was happy we stuck to the pool - the pier can be unpredictably windy at night and with so many people of all ages, this location was ideal, esp b/c the beach chairs provided seating options.


          Music: We contracted an acoustic guitarist for 2 hrs for about $150.  He was quite good (unfortunately, I don’t have contact/name) however, acoustic music was not the best option as the music was too soft for my taste.  Wish I had paid extra for a sound system or contracted more musicians to add more energy to the event.


          Food/Drink:  We specifically started the event around 8 PM so people would have time for dinner, however, we ordered tacos at the last minute (specifically, the “trompo de pastor”) for guests who arrived on late flights.  HOLY&*%$!  Everyone ate the tacos, including guests who had just finished 3 course dinners!!!  Waiters also walked around w/ a signature drink and there was an open bar.


          D©cor:  Lounge chairs were placed along far edges of the pavement and high tables were also placed closer to the pool.  I gave Diana tea candle light covers and paper star lanterns for added decor.  The staff did an awesome job putting them up.  They knew exactly what to do and it was great not to have to worry about it.


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            Posted 09 November 2011 - 12:20 PM

            Chrisdior -


            Yes, we brought the lights ourselves (actually, with the help of several relatives) - mainly because our vendor didnt carry these types of lights - only bigger lanterns which I didn't want.  Unfortunately, I dont have a sample of the booklet but it was basically a series of square face shots with names, locations and relation below each box.  My husband did all the work on that project ;)



            Originally Posted by chrisdior 

            @ lalanyc wow beautiful!!!! i love the string lights, did you bring the lights down with you? also in your oot bags you mentioned a guest picture book do you have pictures of what it looked like?


            Congratulations and great job!!!



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              Posted 11 February 2012 - 05:09 PM

              How soon in advance did you book at the church in Puerto Morelos?

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