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  1. Thanks so much Lala, this is awesome and so helpful! My wedding is there in April so I"m starting to plan all the details. I can't believe your party went till 4am! So, we are also planning on paying the corking fee and bringing our own liquor. The corking fee was for 4 hours if I remember, so how did you work that? Did you pay two corking fees for 8 hours or just pay a little more per extra hour? A late night taco bar is such a good idea. Was it affordable? How many people were at your wedding? One last dance floor question, so after the rented dance floor broke, did you use that upper level area a step above the tables with the fountain for the dance floor or was there enough room to have it on the same terrace as the tables? Thanks again so much! -tiffany
  2. One more question. Who did you use for fire dancers? Was it affordable? At what point in your reception did they come out?
  3. Hey lala, These pics are awesome. Where did you have your dance floor? It's hard to tell in the pictures. And also, did you just buy regular christmas lights and have them string them? how long of strings/what kind did you use? It looks so perfectly done!
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for symbolic ceremony officiants? Our hotel gave us a person but wanted to check out a few more options
  5. Theresa, Thanks so much, this is so awesome! You did so many things I want to do. I loved your pictures. ok, a few more questions. I loved the lighting you had for the reception, both the chinese lanterns and what looked like colored lighting, what was the colored lighting? Was that something you arranged through planner 1? I Also, your rehearsal dinner looked like so much fun. I was talking to Diana about a taco bbq, but it looked like you had some awesome desserts, salsa, churros, etc. What kind of food bbq/buffet did you arrange? Mariachi's looked like so much fun, I was thinking of having them for my cocktail hour but now am second guessing and thinking of maybe doing them for the rehearsal. Did you like it that way or would you recommend cocktail hour? Lastly for the ceremony, what made you pick the beach over the pier? Was the pier windy during cocktail hour? Was the beach windy during the ceremony? Was the guitarist loud enough to hear? Thanks so much! you are awesome! Congrats and what looked like a killer wedding! tiffany
  6. Hey tweets, I tried to send you a PM, but my computer froze and did something weird (so you got a half message that's why). Anyway, I'm from Ny too and just booked my wedding at ceiba. I'm starting to look for vendor and just wanted to ask who you used and get some recommendations and pricing. -DJ who did you use and how much? Did you like them? We are looking for someone to really get and keep the party going! -Lighting for reception area, what did you pick and how much did it cost? Did you rent a dance floor? If so were you glad you did? -Mariachi? Photographer? recommendation, cost? Hair and makeup? Did you like whoever it was? How much was it? Was the trial included. And most importantly food recommendations. My fiancee and I are total foodies. I think you said you did a tasting. Are there any dishes you'd recommend getting/not getting, good appetizers/bad appetizers? Did you have their cake? We didn't do a tasting when we were there. Thanks so much! I am starting from square one right now If anyone else has any tips that would be awesome too! Tiffany
  7. Hey Guys, I'm thinking about booking for my wedding next year, anything I should know before i sign the contracts or think about what month/date to book. Most of our guests would be coming from NY or LA. Tracy, I was there doing my site visit the day before your wedding! Looked amazing!
  8. This is a review of:

    Al Cielo Hotel

    My rustic amazing dream wedding at Al Cielo

    I got married on April 28 at Al Cielo beach club/restaurant.  It's a small beach bungalow hotel with an amazing open air restaurant. Our wedding was about 70 people, most of us in our early 30's. What I wanted most was the exact opposite of a stuffy reception hall wedding, and that's exactly what I got. It was beautiful, rustic, outside and it was a killer party.    Al Cielo A + I didn't want a big resort where there was more than one wedding a day. Nor did I want a bunch of outside spe
  9. This is a review of:

    Moments That Matter Photography

    Tiffany & Jeremy's al cielo wedding

    We hired Lincoln (and Alfredo) for our wedding at Al Cielo on April 28.  It's definitely a decision I won't regret. Photos were very important to my fiancee so we looked at several photographers, including Del Sol. In the end, we were so happy to have chosen Moments that Matter. Lincoln captured some amazing shots, and throughout the ceremony and reception I barely noticed they were there. They're like ninjas. Al cielo was a location they hadn't shot at before (a small rustic beach resort), and
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