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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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tnx for filling all of us in...congradulation on the wedding, and im glad worked out well for you.

Few questions:since u did end up having a large group, could u tell me if u paid pp for the cake and the champagne toast and appetizer?i only have 35ppl comming, and didnt think that i would need to upgrade the size for the cake, they can just cut it smaller. Can u post pic of the set up pls?mine is at castaways, since i booked it over a year ago...i have some ideas for the set up, i want to bring paper lanters...etc...and have them hang it. but i would love to see your pictures

also another question: do the preffered rooms are totally different from the regular?and does the preffered service is even exist?i hear mixed opinion...and how far away from each other are they located?

Thanks again and Congrats!

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Hi Skygirl-


  • We did pay per head extra for the champagne toast and the cocktail hour- however, we did not pay extra for the cake.  I remember reading some other posts on here saying it was not necessary because the cake is large enough and there are other desserts offered.   And this was very true.  With 35 people, you will definitely be fine with the original cake.
  • The preferred club DOES exist.  These rooms are closer to the ocean side.  I really wanted a larger balcony that overlooked the ocean and more space because I knew a lot of my girls would be getting ready in our room the day of the wedding.  Here's the thing- I highly suggest booking a Master Suite in the Preferred Club.  If you book a regular preferred club room, it is pretty much like a standard room, with maybe a nicer bathroom and maybe bigger room and access to the "quiet/exclusive" pools but you will not necessarily have an ocean view because those are for the master suites.  BUT with a Master suite, you have a separate bedroom, 2 full baths a sitting area, living room space, large balcony with table and hot tub.  This is the way to go for the bride & groom. You also get free wi-fi access in the preferred club which was awesome (but often was hard to connect to) and access to the private lounge with food, drinks, TV and computer access.
  • The standard rooms are in the same building as the preferred club; however, there are many many rooms.  There are 2 sides to the resorts, both not far from each other.  The beginning of the buildings start by the main lobby and they go allllll the way down to the ocean.  Most of our guests were on the side in the 2000 and we were on the 1000 side which ended up working out well because we had a little more privacy.  The resort is big and beautiful, but you will definitely be able to find or run into everyone easily.  
  • My only real qualms or cons for the resort was that service took a lot longer than I expected (based on our other stays at resorts in the DR).   It is a new take over and under new management so we were understanding, but I think since we had been there before, we had higher expectations.  Examples included, mini fridge not being stocked upon our arrival, room service initially took over an hour for simple orders, requests were not met within a reasonable time.  HOWEVER, within our 10 day stay at the resort, my husband and I noticed a tremendous improvement in service!  It's like they knew that had to get it together asap.  The other issue was lack of staff at a la cart restaurants so people waited forever for a table when there were several open and it took some time for food to be served.
  • The wedding itself and the service for it  (and our welcome gathering) was phenomenal!  We said that was our initial focus for the trip, so the rest of the stuff was not that big of a deal.
  • I have many pictures but here are a few:

                  *ceremony at the fountain with wooden walkway...this picture does not do it justice!  I am sooo happy we had the walk way!,  

                  * brief overview of Castaways- I brought almost all decor with me.  I wanted to keep it simple, but I had a whole table with family pictures, guestbook items, pictures of us, etc

                  * simple cake 

                  * blue lighting we last minutely added through the DJ at the resort for just an extra $100 I think- again totally worth it as it added to the ambiance.  


Let me know if anyone else has questions!  I am so happy to share my insight as this message board was extremely helpful to me and I loved every second of our wedding and time there.  

  • img-132.JPGimg-405-smaller.jpgimg-404.JPGimg-419.JPG

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Originally Posted by Bride 2 B View Post


Hi Ladies! I leave for Punta Cana on Monday and finally get married on Saturday, 7/14th. I promise to share pictures and comments when I return. So far so good! Wish me luck (:

Awwwww!!! Best wishes to you!!!! I cant wait to see your beautiful pictures!

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thank you sooo much for sharing this info and ur wonderful pictures. Seems like blue is a very popular color for DW, thats what im doing. Im doing pool blue dresses for the girls and bringing chair sashes and runners etc..

We are staying at OCean view Master suite, would u suggest to still do an upgrade?

Where was ur welcome gathering at?how did u let ur guest know about the time and place?almost everyone is flying in together with us...so thats a good thing.

as far as the coctail hour appetizers, i know this is the time for the formal pic for the bridal party, do they set up the table somewhere separate for the appts for the bridal party while we are doing pictures?

another thing for all of you ladies:how does the whole tipping thing at wedding works?who gets tipped?if they do.how much is a good number?

what did u do for food options?did u like it?

can u please post any other pic of ur wedding decor?

As far as the service being slow, i really dont care, we are on vacation!not in the rush! but it does gets annoying... i will just warn all my guest(most of them havent been in DR)that service is slowwwwww, get over it!

Thanks again for sharing...

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Hi Dolly!! Thank you so much for your review!!! Very helpfull!! Your wedding was beautiful!! :) I was wondering how did you find the resort's DJ/MC?? Were they really good?? Did you have to tell them every song to play, or were they good on their own?? What company do they use any ways?? Thanks again!!

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I am getting married 10/19/12 at 5 pm at the fountain.  I am very nervous.  My wedding coordinator is Mercy.  I have been emailing her but her response time is very slow. If it is at all possible could you send me pics of your ceremony at the fountain?  Also I have 39 booked guests, and I am having a welcome reception, just drinks and appetizers, did you have a welcome reception and how was it.  Did you find it frustrating communicating with Mercy and the resort.


Also I have upgraded to the Ocean front master suite, what was your room like.  Did you receive your room upgrade and how did that work (since they say based on availability). 


Did your guests enjoy the trip?  I have all ages attending my wedding (9yr -70yr). Party animals and people just out to relax were all accommodated?  What was the nightlife like?  Did you leave the resort, if so did you feel safe?  Is there any shopping close by?


I know I have asked a lot of questions but I am very nervous and excited, I just want everything to be wonderful, with all of my guests enjoying my wedding/ their vacation.


Thank you

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