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Photos at your Ceremony

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I have just been reading a few things that have me concerned and I wanted to ask a specific question relating to this...


I am getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana.

Part of our package includes a photographer for our ceremony (10 pics or something like that).  I KNOW I will have friends and family that will want to take pictures as well.


Is this not possible?

I have read a couple of things about people making a big deal that people were taking pics at the ceremony, especially if they have professional cameras.  I don't know what their definition of "professional" is but I know a few people with SLR cameras.


Does anyone have any experience with this?



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Your resort really cant dictate to your guests to not take pictures. Quite a few of my guests have "professional" cameras so they would be telling 4 or 5 of my guests not to take pics...i would have a serious issue with this LOL. Your resort probably has a policy that any offsite people coming to take pics would have to pay for a day pass to be at your wedding and on the resort but if they are family and staying at your resort there shouldnt be an issue. I am bringing my own photographer but he is also a friend and a guest of my wedding and staying at the resort. To be safe you may want to clear it with your WC

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