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HELP!! I am looking to get married in Playa Del Carmen and can't decide.

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HELP!! I am looking to get married in Playa Del Carmen and can't decide. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of people and we tend to get pretty rowdy. So I'm looking for a place that will accommodate all us up but with a small hotel feel. Or maybe a resort that we can take over the whole place like El Dorado Maroma. (anyone?) But I have heard that there is nothing to do there. I was looking at Azul Fives or El Dorado Royale too. We even discussed renting a villa on the beach and having the wedding there. Any help would  be much appreciated. I'm thinking like 75-100 people (too many, I know) and I'd imagine my guests prefer all inclusive. There are just so many hotels. I might lose my mind.

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Check out Porto Playa Condo Hotel -- it's a 20 unit condo hotel of 2 and 3 bedroom units so it could hold most of your guests depending on how they want to room up. If you need more rooms than that - check out their sister hotel the Taj. As for the reception, I'm doing mine at Kool beach club because we get the whole place to ourselves and they let the party go late. Good luck!

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Thanks. I have seen those and was looking into Kool. I'm just worried that my guests might want all inclusive since they are paying so much to go down there. But Kool Beach Club looks awesome.I might have to check it out. I am going down there in a few days. 

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What I have found in my search is that small/intimate hotel feel and all-inclusive usually means a very expensive all-inclusive resort. Affordable all-inclusives are large and smaller all-inclusives where you could potentially do a hotel take-over are quite pricey. You'll have to choose if price or "feel" is more important to you.


For me, we're having about 50 people and keeping us all together was more important which is why I went with Porto Playa. Plus, having been to many, many all-inclusives in the past, the food isn't that great unless you go to a really high-end one, so I knew we'd be eating outside of the resort often as is. The food/drink prices are pretty reasonable in Playa and there are kitchens in the units and a large grocery where people can stock up on the food they actually like to eat.


You should do the math, nice all-inclusives can run a few hundred bucks per person per night, vs. going w/ a hotel and people paying for restaurants could end up being less depending on where people eat.


Have a great trip - hope you find what you're looking for!

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I'm with ya. All of those condos are beautiful too. I went down last year and I fell in love with a beach club for the wedding but I need to check out the prices. There is an AI next door to it but it seems kind of run down. I am also considering renting a villa on the beach and having it there. I am going to check out Kool while I'm there too. Sounds like your wedding is going to be a blast. Congrats!

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Yaku, when were you planning to get married?

Maybe you and your guests can join my group agreement for a wedding June 25, 2011 at the RIU Palace Riviera Maya. We have 21 rooms on hold. (We had to postpone our wedding, but we're still trying to go on vacation!)

I was getting married at 5 p.m. right before sunset at the resort's white Gazebo overlooking palm trees and the ocean, which is just SO pretty! (There's also a forum here on BDW for the Riu Palace Rivera Maya)

Here's a link to the BEAUTIFUL all-inclusive resort with a SPA!



To look at the prices, just go to our website at www.destinationweddings.com

Click on the pink box that says "Attending a Destination Wedding?"

Put in your e-mail address, then my last name, Alvarez, and our Wedding Passcode (which is ELPASO) No space in between El and Paso!


Then it will ask you to create a password, and give your full name to add yourself to our Wedding Guest list.


FROM THERE: It will take you to the Travel Details page. Select your number of nights and click the circle for 2 people (unless there are more people traveling on your honeymoon... ;)} Fill out the form, and that's it! Our destination wedding specialist Camille will take care of the rest.


So you know, the room must be paid by Apr. 1, and it's only $100 to book the room, and she can split your payments up until Apr. 1. So get started on your tax refund! :)


Also, our DW agreement has price matching; so if you find a better price for the RIU Palace Riviera Maya somewhere else, just let Camille know and she'll drop ALL of our prices down too!


Hope you'll join us! Maybe we can all be life-time friends after vacationing down there!


If you have any other questions, PLEASE feel free to e-mail me at aalva416@aol.com, or call me at +1-915-412-7396.


God bless you!


Adrienne Alvarez

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