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Wedding Coordinator Needed for Bike Rickshaw Parade in Playa Del Carmen?

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Hi BDW Forum!


When I first decided on a DW in Playa Del Carmen, I was clicking around and found a slideshow of somebody's wedding where the coordinators arranged for a whole bunch of "bike rickshaws" or workbikes to show up outside the church after the ceremony and scoot people back to the reception.


I LOVED this!


Does anyone know who to contact to get this arranged?  Does anyone else remember seeing these photos or this blog?


Any help is always appreciated!



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I know exactly what you are talking about as I was also inspired by that slide show and had to do some hunting :)  It is now planned and I think I may be more excited about this detail then any other detail!  I believe the photographer was Del Sol if you are trying to track down the pics again.


Our planner Maria quoted us $7USD for two people from playacar into playa del carmen.  This is her website...



We get married in May I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

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Hi Paper Bag Princess!!!  Not sure if you had your wedding yet, but SO curious as to how it went!!!  Did you get the bike rickshaws?  Thanks so much for responding, I'm working on this detail now!


I am a little over a month away!  YIKES!!!!



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