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from what I hear Negril has the better beach, kind of peace and quite type of place and Ocho Rios has more nightlife and things to do.  close to shopping, dunns river falls, margaritaville...we had a great time and the beach was still gorgeous!  look up reviews from RIU Negrill and RIU Ocho Rios, read and check out the pictures.  this site was very helpful when I was selecting my destination.  If you have any questions about the resort check out my review attached below and other reviews on Ocho Rios on the same page.  :)


Also feel free to contact me with any other questions

Originally Posted by nwhiteside23 View Post

I am thinking of booking at RIU Negril for June 2012- I am most concerned about food, bard, nightlife/entertainment for our guests - can anyone comment on their experience there?


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