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  1. you can go to her facebook page chasity artistry rashel edwards http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/MAKE.UP.ARTISTRY.JAMAICA . lisa your face looks AMAZING.
  2. Yes mrsgreen im sure you wont need a touch up Rashel's work lasts and lasts all day trust me it is value for money.
  3. I am on the verge of booking my wedding the bahamas. we did a small ceremony in jamaica this year and now we are planning something big. But now im really liking turks and caicos. I already booked most of my vendors from overseas but its gonna cost me a little bit more to fly to turks and caicos. My makeup artist Rashel She did my wedding makeup while i was getting married in Jamaica. she does airbrushing and im in love with her work. its 400 round trip to bahamas but 600 from jamaica to turks and caicos plus her hotel stay and her fee of $1000. she is doing myself and 5 brides maids for our rehersal dinner, wedding day and me for the trash the dress. if i do it in bahamas for her alone it will cost me about 1900( including her travel hotel her fee and all) and if i do it in turks it will be about 2100. Im not sure also the photographers are flying in from America as well as my hairstylist. Im so confused why does turks have to look so niceeeeeeeee. If i switch from bahamas i hope nobody gets maddddddddd!!!!!!!
  4. So i used Rashel For my wedding earlier this year and the makeup was amazing we did a small thing at Riu in Jamaica we were planning on going back later this year but we changed to the Bahamas and i sooo cannot leave out my Rashel Im flying her over there. And when i worked out her plane ticket, 400 round trip( from Jamaica to Bahamas) plus her hotel stay $600 for 4 nights and her fee $1000. I am soo happy originally i was gonna fly a makeup artist from America and that would have been sooo soo expensive im so glad i found rashel. I have 5 bridesmaids she will be doing our makeup for the rehersal dinner then wedding day. then just me for my trash the dress. Even my husband is excited about having her do my makeup again. I would definitely reccomend her and Jamaica is great but bahamas here i come.
  5. i didn't do a trial but i think she said the cost would have been between 50-100. but i loved my makeup and it lasted all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i payed her my deposit and she did show up!!!!!!!!! i think she is an honest girl. she also seems to go to iberostar alot so they may have record of her and her facebook page is very active and she always responds to emails.
  7. Rashel Edwardsfrom chasity artistry is pretty good. makeupartistry1@hotmail.com
  8. yea if you use moneygram online they sometimes ask you to call and verify but if you go to the moneygram store you do not have to verify. But it's good to know they are keeping us safe!!!
  9. charging for a florist is just ridiculous and trust me ladies if you fight hard enuf you will save alot by not paying all those fees. just let em know where u stand.
  10. I just can't wait to get back my professional photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. yea i was told 40 or 50% depending on the amount my bill came up to and i used paypal though i had the option of money gram or western union too to send her my first deposit and then I payed her the rest on my wedding day.
  12. bridey

    Jamaica wedding

    what is your wedding date tross?
  13. i wonder how long it will take to get back wedding photos from your resort.
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