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Well it looks like I'm back here again and here to stay! Pics of JW Marriott/Casa Magna please!!

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We are FINALLY getting married in 2012! Still not definitive date but it will be Spring, most likely March or early April around Spring Break time. My fiance and I have had a hard road to bare due to immigration together, but we have decided visa or no visa...we love each other and we are not waiting anymore!


I think after a lot of searching, I really want to have it at the Casa Magna/JW Marriott. The place is beautiful and the prices are actually quite reasonable with their packages. If anyone has recently (as in the last year or so...) gotten married there, do you have any tips or pictures to share? I would love to know! Still very new to this whole process and although I have spent a LOT of time in Cancun (my fiance is a local there), I don't know about planning a wedding there!


I am also going to be a bridesmaid for my friend on October 22nd this year and she's looking for ideas on dresses!

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I will be getting married there too. I am really excited about April 27, 2012!! I haven't found much about weddings there, but I am hoping to find people who had their wedding/celebration at CasaMagna Marriott Cancun.


I am kind of behind on the planning. I am currently looking for a good photographer. I really wanted to get Elizabeth Medina, but her prices are too high for our budget. I thought we could initially work it out, but with the taxes and extras it comes out too high :( She is amazing though.


So now my search for a photographer continues.


I have been to the CasaMagna before and it is truly beautiful. When are you getting married?



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Congratulations and welcome to the forums! I've never been to the Casa Magna/JW Marriott but it looks fantastic!I have shot the lighthouse at Dreams on the corner! It was amazing! Hopefully you will catch a fantastic sunset on your big day!

Best of luck and have fun with all your planning.



Lighthouse Images

Dreams Cancun 1.jpg


veil 4.jpg


Dreams Cancun 2.jpg


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