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Help! Advice Choosing TA

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I am getting overwhelmed trying to choose a TA.  We haven't decided on a specific resort although we know we want either Negril or Montego Bay and we have a list of must haves for the resort (kid-friendly, max price, etc)


The problem is that I have contacted several agents and they all seem to push toward their own preferred hotel brand (because they get an extra better commission, I'm sure) but none of them are really taking our preferences into account.  I really don't mind someone making a little extra money b/c we chose a brand that they have a special relationship with as long as it meets our needs.


Also, they all want me to sign papers upfront without ever giving me a real idea of what they can do for me (as far as pricing, etc.)


How did you guys choose your TA?  How did you handle it if they pushed you toward something that you didn't want?  Did you sign papers before actually seeing any of the results of their work?




BTW: We are having over 25 people that are flying from different parts of the US, so I already KNOW that I want a TA to handle that stuff.

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