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Informal Beach Wedding dresses - PJ Max?

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I'm planning a casual beach wedding in Punta Cana in April.  I'm looking for an informal/casual dress in a natural fiber - cotton or linen.  PJ Max has some great choices in their Tropical Cotton collection, but their dresses aren't sold in stores and they have a no return policy!  They will exchange it, but no refunds.  I'm a little scared to order a dress online that I can't see before or return it if I don't like it.


Does anyone have feedback on the PJ Max dresses or any suggestions of other lines to look at?

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I sincerely advise you to look elsewhere for beach wedding dresses.

PJ Max has the worst customer service, you do not want to tangle with these people

The quality of the simple cotton dresses they sell are cheep and not worth the money they charge.

I never found any thing under searches for beach wedding dresses, including the catagory that PJ Max calls their casual dresses, they are way over priced and I wouldn't want to be walking on a beach with a dress with a train!


Try searching casual wedding dresses

Try Romantic Gowns.com

Very nice dresses and very economical

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The fact that they don't have a return policy should tell you something

RUN away far away

You will get no help from these people they will tell you anything just to get your order but if you want to return the dress they just ignore you.

I made the mistake of ordering something from them and now I am out alot of money....( and no dress.



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