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So, hey everyone, since I had another post on here regarding my left over sunblock bottles... Those were sold!! But since then, I decided to do Aloe vera as well (LIKE I DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY!! =) ), so I had to buy a whole nother lot of 100 of them which left me with 60 left over because I only needed to use LESS than HALF!! GR to having to buy in bulk.


I have about  60 - 2 oz plastic bottles with a pop-up squeeze top which is PERFECT for sunscreen or aloe vera for your OOT bags.


I will customize the bottles with your names, wedding date, a picture of your choice and the SPF 30 or whatever you will be choosing for your sun screen for free.


These are empty bottles which were purchase online and were not used. Because of the restrictions of taking liquids on a plane, this is the EASIEST most cost-effective way to get sun tan lotion for your OOT bags. I'm sure whatever you put in your checked bags will be fine, but I rather be safe than sorry!


Cost of sun screen lotion travel tubes are over $2.50 - $4.50 (PLUS SHIPPING) per 1 oz tube, my bottles are 2 oz bottles.


What I did was I bought a 16 oz bottle of NO-AD suncreen from the internet for $9.50 plus shipping and I am going to fill them when I get to Dominican Republic. I have some bottles left over since I decided to do 1/2 of them Aloe Vera now. I will sell those as well with the bottles for $8 each.


Each bottle with free personalization will be $1.25!   Just so you know, I bought these items without personalization!! If you buy all of them at once, which will save me the hassle... I will give you a better pricel for buying all of them plus the sunblock.


PM me if you are interested and what you would like on the bottles. 


Also---- I just want to say thanks so all the brides for giving such great tips and DIY inspirations... if these are sold and you want to know where I got all my stuff from in order to DIY, LET ME KNOW AND I'LL E-MAIL YOU!!!
This is the sunblock:     large image


These are MY personalized sunblocks for my OOT BAGS!!! Love them!...


 sunscreen bottles.JPG

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