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Im starting to look for designs for our wedding inviations and i came across this website called Shutterstock images.  The website has a ton of really awesome vector images that i would love to use for our invitations! The images aren't free, you have to subcribe to it, theres a package for 5images of any size for $49, which isnt bad.  I tried to do some research on the website to make sure that it was a good deal. So, far i havent seen anything wrong with it.  Does anyone know anything about this site? would you recommend to use it for invitations?  If so, how exactly does it work?  Once i download an image can i resue it? I guess i could call the company but i would really like some feed back from some one who has used this site or heard of it!  


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I am not familiar with shuttershock particularly, but I have used other stock photo/stock video sites for my work in the past.  In my experience, I recommend pond5.com.  Their rates seems to be the best (at least for video anyway...I'm a filmmaker) and yes, after you download you are welcome to use the image however you want as much as you want, as long as you don't take credit for creating the image.  I client I did work for also introduced me to istock.com.  The same rules apply there as well. Just make sure that whatever format you download the image in is acceptable to whatever program/company you are importing the image into for your invites.  I hope that made sense, good luck with it, way to think outside the box and be creative!

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