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Cassie's Post Wedding Sale

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Well, I guess it's about time I posted this since it's been 4 months since our wedding! So, here's what I've got. Prices do not include shipping.  PM me to find out final price.  Paypal only.  Let me know if you have any questions on anything.

3 bouquets, or could be combined. Bridal bouquet is a mix of real touch fuchsia cymbidium orchids and real touch fuchsia mini calla lilies. MOH bouquets are real touch cymbidium orchids only. $75/all OBO







6 hurricane glass centerpieces with unscented ivory candles (burned for a couple hours), $30 w/o candles, $35 with candles for all





Rehearsal dress was custom made on etsy, size 10, $30







2 medium fuchsia pomanders with kiwi green ribbon. I used these on my ceremony arch, $30 for both







20 paper lanterns, 10 in chartreuse and 10 in fuchsia. A few have some slight rips on them, but I think a little tape should fix them for the most part. $8 for chartreuse, $8 for fuchsia, or $12 for all.





2 large scallop clam shells, measure 5.5†x 5.5â€. Came in a set of 3 from etsy, I used one for my ring shell. $5 each or $8 for both







** more to come **

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200(?) beach chair business cards used for luggage tags with free green string. Name & Address on back. $8





1000 pink rose petals. Kind of a purplish pink on some. Bought from another BDW seller but I never used them. $8





5 starfish holders. $8 for all







The rest below - $5 Grab Bag

10 black sunglasses. Worn just for a group shot and bridal party entrance into reception.







Bride tote bag. Used day of wedding and day after just to hold picture props.  $5





10 little bird nests, never used. Bought to use these for my “love birds†bridal showers, but they were too small for what I wanted them for. Measure about 6 1/2 inches around and 1 1/2 inches across.  $5





2 shirts – 1 bride, 1 mother of the groom. Both size Large but they had messed up my order and made the bride on the regular tee and MOG on fitted tee.  $5 each





1000 Best Wedding Bargains book $5





35 pink envelopes, leftovers from my pre-trip mailer $5



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Hmm, well it was custom made to my exact dimensions.  I usually wear jeans size 8 or 10.  Bust size 36 C.  Let me know if you'd like any of the other dimensions.

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bump bump!  :)


The tote bag and envelopes have been sold.  Everything else is still up for grabs.  Make me an offer!

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