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So I spent a ton of time working on My Message in a Bottle thank you for booking notes.  Only to find out they are $7 to mail, yes $7 each.  Did any other Canada brides find this?  Is there a way around it?

Thanks Ladies!

Guess we can hand deliver over xmas.


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Hi PaperBagPrincess


It costs me the same to ship them, and a little more for two that I had to send one to BC and the other to the US.

To get around it, we hand delivered as many as possible. Anyone within driving distance we dropped them off to. I did not think it would cost that much to ship them, but I had no choice.

It was a big bummer, but I had to suck it up.

Perhaps you can hand deliver as many as possible as well to cut down on shipping costs. We just ran and dropped them in people's mailboxes so they wouldn't see us.

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