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Cholera Outbreak... Am I overreacting?!?!

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#11 Chicago

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    Posted 22 November 2010 - 09:12 AM

    Hi Ladies,


     I am a medical scientist and know about these things a little more in details. Its not a respiratory illness where you would contract it by someone at the airport breathing on you. So no worries there.

    My wedding is on January 5th and my worries are minimal. Brush your teeth with bottled water and drink only bottled water!! As always wash wash your hands!!!  On the food part, well you just gotta eat. I am sure the resorts are extra careful now and don't want to lose business by getting guests sick. Hopefully, it does not turn into an outbreak then its a different story. :)

    #12 hamme

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      Posted 22 November 2010 - 09:16 AM

      thanks for the info. I always ask medical staff what would they do... I'm glad you shared!

      #13 MBBride

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        Posted 22 November 2010 - 11:06 AM

        I'm getting married Jan.13/11 and I'm not overly concerned. I did my own research and all the info provided here is correct. Just make sure you drink bottled water and like other people have said- I'm sure these resorts are being extra careful as they wouldn't want to lose out on business.

        #14 Anna22

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          Posted 23 November 2010 - 10:45 AM

          Ok, so it's not rocket science to protect yourself from Cholera! The main concern for all of us should be if the CDC restricts air travel to the DR then us, and our guest can't get there!!  Right now, it is not a concern.  Just as an FYI, there have been reports of other countries (Russia) already thinking of restricting air travel into the Dominican Republic.  This could start a whirl wind of panic and a snowball effect but not right away!!  Additionally, wide spread of Cholera in a place like the Dominican Republic will be a bit slower than in a place like Haiti.  So for those of you with weddings coming up soon I don’t think you need to worry about cancelations. (just inform your guests how to protect themselves)  I suggest for the rest of us....... Keep checking with the CDC website for any restrictions to the DR (again, there are none right now).   If you are really concerned I would work with your wedding planner now to reschedule.


           **DO NOT LET THIS STRESS YOU OUT!!! Every thing will work out and we will all have beautiful wedding (maybe not in the DR afterall but still beautiful non the less)


          ~ Anna



          CDC Site:



          More Confirmed:



          Russia thinking of restricing travel to the DR.


          #15 islandbride8

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            Posted 10 December 2010 - 03:52 PM

            I'm a nurse and never thought for a minute anyone would end up with cholera.  My concern was the traveling restrictions.  Thanks

            #16 fmichelle

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              Posted 18 December 2010 - 05:31 PM

              For the medically inclined on this forum, would extra bottles of sanitizer be a good idea or would that just be paranoia?  I've heard they only kill bacteria for a short period of time anyway, but just thought I'd ask.

              #17 bmadzia1

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                Posted 19 December 2010 - 09:02 AM

                I wouldn't worry yourself yet...keep an eye on the situations, but also make sure you do check with you TA what if.... 

                #18 bkbeachbride

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                  Posted 07 February 2011 - 07:23 AM

                  Are the recent news stories about folks coming from DR weddings with Cholera scaring anyone else :-/


                  Marrying my best friend on May 7th-- 58 booked

                  #19 islandbride8

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                    Posted 07 February 2011 - 07:33 AM

                    Oh this will encourage all of our guests to book!  

                    #20 fmichelle

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                      Posted 07 February 2011 - 01:58 PM

                      Oh vey, they all went to weddings there? Great. Wonder which resorts?

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