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I have 40 - 2 oz plastic bottles with a pop-up squeeze top which is PERFECT for sunscreen for your OOT bags.


I will customize the bottles with your names, wedding date, a picture of your choice and the SPF 30 or whatever you will be choosing for your sun screen.


These are empty bottles which were purchase online and were not used. Because of the restrictions of taking liquids on a plane, this is the EASIEST most cost-effective way to get sun tan lotion for your OOT bags.


Cost of sun screen lotion travel tubes are over $1.50 - $2.25 per 1 oz tube, these are 2 oz bottles. Just buy a 16 oz bottle of NO-AD suncreen from target or on eBay for $7.00 a bottle, and you are golden!! You can fill them when you get down to your destination.


Each bottle with free personalization will be $1.25 and I will do free shipping to the United States! Just so you know, I bought these for $57.00 plus I paid shipping, without personalization!!


PM me if you are interested and what you would like on the bottles.


sunscreen bottles.JPG

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Hey Cookiemunchkin,


The post office is closed right now, but I will check it out tomorrow. Where in Canada?? It says online that a FLAT RATE BOX is $25.60 if you pay online which sounds CRAZY to me, so I'm going to look into it tomorrow.


I know that I have shipping within the US in a flat rate box for around $6.00, I don't know how it could be SO much more, but yet again, I'm not familiar with Canada.


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