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To wed in Mexico or not? That is the question!

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I am in a similar situation, my FMIL will not fly either. Her only son, first born child is actually going to get married and she will not even consider getting on a plane. Kinda ticks me off, if my son were getting married I would do what ever it took to be there, no matter what! But obviously she doesn't feel that way. I know it bothered my FH that she would not be coming so I suggested what others have said about doing the legal part here. He was very happy about it, so I'm happy about it too I guess. We have not told anyone yet that we are planning this and we will swear the people that we do tell to secrecy. I don't want anyone thinking our Mexico wedding isn't the real one, because to us it will be.

Good luck deciding, I know it's tough.




P.S. I don't think any beach in the US can even come close to the beauty of the beaches in Mexico!!

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