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Just had my wedding last week, October 2010

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My recap for those having a wedding down there.

Gaby was GREAT and such a sweetheart!

The carribean food for the wedding was a huge hit!  My guests said it was the best food they had all week.

El Patio is not the best on food.  Actually pretty gross.  Surprised the food was so bad.  It's Mexican food in Mexico.  We had our 'Welcome Dinner' there and I wanted them to sit us together.  As in one big table.  There was only 30 of us.  We just sat near each other and had a set menu.  The restaurant was empty.  We could have just went in to sit down to eat and ordered off the menu and not have paid the extra for the 'Welcome Dinner' if that was the was case.  I was upset about this but Gaby was very accomodating. 


The day was GREAT!  IT started to downpour right after we ate and they moved us under the hut in Oceana Grill.  It was a soggy wedding but who cares.  We had fun. The DJ moved with us and thank goodness by brother is an electrician because they DJ had no idea who to make his system work when one of the pieces got wet.  They DID NOT extend my wedding the hour we lost because of transporting the DJ equipment and the DJ trying to figure out how to hook it up.  Thought that was not too cool but they are very tight with their $ down there.  They dont BEND or give at ALL! 


My hair came out awesome!  I had it done in the salon.


I brought my own photographer.  Pictures are to follow.  She took pictures of the WHOLE weekend and was cheaper then their photogrpaher!!  Her name is Ilanit Alon and her email is iluvfotography@gmail.com if you wanted to contact her.  She was AWESOME!!!!!   All my guests were raving about her.


Some of the wait staff get very pissy when you ask for more drinks or food.  They tell you it will take 30 minutes for the food and it all of a sudden appears in 10 minutes.  This happened more then once.  I think they just don't want US to make out on the all inclusive deal.  Same goes for tables.  They tell us a table for 8 is about an hour and a half, then it opens up 10 minutes later.    So weird. 


The resort is GORGEOUS!!!  

Very relaxing.  I loved it!  Wish I was still there instead of cold New York!!


hope this helps some!



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