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Wedding Rehearsal/Dinner/Flowers - Chapel Wedding

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#1 larias004

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    Posted 09 September 2010 - 08:33 PM

    I thought I'd share this in case you all have not gone through this yet. I'm trying to finalize my estimated budget and so I had to smooth out more details.  We are getting married in the Chapel and I was planning the rehearsal and the subsequent dinner.  The coordinator tells me they charge USD 300 for the rehearsal at the Chapel and the priest won't even be there.   The wedding specialist is the only one that will be there.  The wedding specialist is the one they tell you is included in all packages.  I do understand if she has to work after hours, etc. but these are just small things that they dont' tell you upfront.  


    I asked if they could reserve a spot for me in one of the restaurants of the hotel for my wedding party after the rehearsal.  They tell me that they would charge me USD 15 per person (if staying at this resort) or USD 30 per person (non-guest).  This would not be a separate private spot in the restaurant. Has any of you encountered this and if so - what did you decide on?   I find it hard to believe that they charge USD 15 per person for someone that is a hotel guest and is already under the all inclusive plan.  IF the food was to be any different and to our choice then I would really see where this price was maybe coming from but just put a few tables together and not really reserve a side or private room?  In the grand scheme of things - I just like to know that I'm being charged for a service and not just because.  At the end of the day USD 15 is not much but it adds up when you start adding people and types of events during the wedding weekend.



    Flowers - I received the three types of flower arrangments that we can have at this chapel.  the best one of my choice costs 810.  I asked my coordinator if she was to adjust my pricing since this price included altar centerpices which were already included in  Catholic Royal package (she had forgotten so if I don't remind her - she won't even tell me).  She sent me adjusted pricing which would end up costing me like 300 bucks (savings of ~500 bucks).  I thought - wow those alter pieces that come with the packagte must be like 500 (the difference).  I take a look at their "la carte" menu and I see they cost 60 each (still leaves me wondering for the difference).


    Hope this helps in you planning. 

    #2 Bride2B22

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      Posted 10 September 2010 - 05:13 AM

      Hi! I too think it's ridiculous how they try to charge you 15 bucks per person to have dinner at an all inclusive place! I sugguest just making reservations once you are there individually, if you dont have too many people for the rehearsal........that is what i am doing! I am getting married at The Royal In Cancun on June 21, 2011, i am having my ceremony at the chapel and reception on the beach in front of the Royal.........


      I havent begun to plan out the amount of flowers i will need for the chapel, but i have one question........they were charding you 810 for ONE floral arrangement???? that is ridiculous!! I have the Royal Catholic Package......which includes one Altar arrangement.......when is your wedding??

      #3 nadennec

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        Posted 18 October 2010 - 01:57 PM

        I just recently asked about this process also, so I waiting to hear back from my WC. She did tell me there wasn't an outline she could send of how the mass progresses. I am not sure if I am able to have specific song that I choose, or they automatically pick them, or if they even have them at all, and about having someone do readings? If anyone has any information on this I would love to know.

        Nadenne C

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