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Left over wedding stuff - first aid kids, flower girls baskets, etc.

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HI Ladies,


So I'm finally getting around to cleaning out my "wedding stuff".  My colors were fuschia and turquoise and I might add more stuff as I find it.  Let me know if you have any questions :)  Shipping is not included.



24 Johnson & Johnson 1st aid kit - $15




Custom made ring boy pillow and 2 flower girl baskets (We had 2 flower girls).  $15 for each or $40 for all 3.




I bought fuschia raffia fans and added a blue ribbon and a fake orchid (sorry the picture is a little blurry - I can provide more if need be.  Also the color is a bit off but it's actually regular fuschia).  I have 23 - $1 each or $20 for all.





2 branches of fake orchids - $7




So I was planning on selling all my fuschia napkins.  Unfortunately, half went missing, and half fell victims to being outside all night and got some dirt on them that I cannot remove.  I have 12 perfectly clean ones, and some that have spots on them.  I'm only "selling" the clean ones but if you'd like, I can send the rest in case you have better luck in stain removal :)  Again, they look a weird color but are actually fuschia - 12 - $5




I made a bunch of these as luggage tags.  I don't need them so am giving them away for free (just pay shipping).  I have about 150.




Feel free to ask any questions or make an offer!


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Your pictures did not upload:)  I am interested in the first aid kits and would like to see pictures of the orchids and luggage tags(I would need 50).  What would the shipping be to 32837?  Thanks!

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I got them, when I was on here earlier, it just said "picture.jpg" but it was not highlighted in blue to click on and no picture, so not sure what was going on.  Can you let me know shipping for the first aid kits to 32837? Thanks!

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